Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This is the fifth case of Crime That Was Exposed Because Facebook

This is the fifth case of Crime That Was Exposed Because Facebook

Facebook may have been part of life for the majority of internet users, not to mention the criminals who often flaunt the action. Facebook is sometimes the nature of the scene 'show yourself' even several times used the police to uncover and pursue criminals.

For example the case of theft committed by Jonathan Parker, Michael Baker, and several other criminals. 5 following crimes uncovered through this social networking.

1. HOUSE burglary

HOUSE burglary
Actions of the teenager was held in August 2009 back when he broke into a house in Martinsburg, West Virginia section. After stealing some valuables from the house, Parker took time to open a Facebook account with the victim's computer. Unfortunately for him, because he was rushing hurriedly left the site without logging out.

As a result, armed with Facebook accounts are still open, the police were able to subdue him with ease. Moreover, it has been found in a variety of self-identity.


Michael Baker, 20 years this man has to deal with the authorities because of reckless siphon gasoline from a police car was parked. This action was revealed when the beloved Baker upload photos of herself holding a jerry can of gasoline and middle finger next to the police car that the victim.

Armed with the information that the police finally arrested the perpetrator. According to authorities, this is not the first time Baker's naughty action. Now he is charged with the crime of theft.


Dumb criminals caught also because Facebook is Steven Mulhall, 21 years old. He was found guilty of stealing a judge's office name plate named Michael Orlando. Police revealed this theft after finding photographs Mulhall who was posing with the board of judges on Facebook. This photo was uploaded by her boyfriend shortly after the incident.

The nameplate is only worth $ 40, but due to the offense, Mulhall has damaged his parole and subject to minor theft offenses.


Sometimes, accepting a friend request on Facebook can lead to any disaster, such as those experienced by men. In December 2010, a man who was not identified was stopped at a gas station to refuel, but slipped out of the station while bringing a size 27-inch television.

Armed with data from credit cards and photographs taken from CCTV cameras, petrol pump attendant started to do a search on Facebook. Luckily, when participants were presented with approving friend requests without any suspicion. Well, capitalize the existing data on Facebook's successful offender arrested by local police.

5. Marauder WARNET

Marauder WARNET
Crime is committed by two teenagers from Colombia. Both actors have spent time in a cafe booth to the cashier to make payment. But instead of paying, the offender would take the money keeper cafe and then carried off with stolen motorcycle.

Fortunately, the victim realized that the criminals had earlier access to Facebook and is still in an open state. Armed with the information within the police can easily scoop up players.


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