Monday, June 25, 2012

Four Lingerie Model to Awaken the Passion Sex

Four Lingerie Model to Awaken the Passion Sex

Lingerie can make a woman feel sexy, especially when going to enjoy intimacy with her husband. So, it would not hurt if you have one or two lingerie to arouse passion and support your sexual performance.

There are different kinds of lingerie models, but you should select a convenient and appropriate to your character. To avoid confusion to choose, consider the four models that can project the aura lingerie sexy you immediately in front of her husband.

1. Thong & G-string

Thong and G-string underwear model is triangular, the front and rear sections are connected only thin material that resembles a line or thin rope. Two models of underwear is usually chosen to create the impression section. And g-string thong you can wear when I want to show the 'wild' and be brave when having sex with a partner.

2. Peignoir

More sexy lingerie models are peignoir, ie transparent gown or robe worn over a bikini suit or gown. Peignoir makes her seem sexy, elegant and beautiful. Usually made of lightweight material such as chiffon or tulle. Peignoir wear when you want to 'seduce' the couple to make love in a more romantic and delicate.

3. Corset

The corset has been known as the lingerie that can make women look more curvy body, and created many centuries ago. Today, the corset became one of the 'property' to add to the excitement during lovemaking. Will streamline corset waist and raise the breasts so that you will look sexy. Wear a red corset, black or foot-black blend with thong.

4. Camisole

Camisole tops are made of lightweight clothing, the model is similar to a tank-top, but usually more loose at the bottom. Choose from satin camisole with lace at the neckline to give the impression of sexy and romantic. Wear with shorts in the same material and color. Typically, the camisole is sold with a set of underwear.


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