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This is Seven Celebrities who hooked Shopping

This is Seven Celebrities who hooked Shopping

1. Katie Holmes

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Women who frequently shop was discussed a lot of people almost every day. However, the highlights of this beautiful actress shopaholic case is that he does not spend much money for himself.
He has more to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories for her daughter Suri, who were aged 4 years. Closet of the little girl is expected to reach nearly 3 million dollars, but she still would not stop shopping. Hard to believe it.

2. Britney Spears

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The singer is thought that the spending to help alleviate depression. With ease he entered the store and buy all the stuff she likes. For example, 7 pairs of Gucci shoes. Favorite brands such as Bebe, Armani Exchange, and Rampage. However, sometimes he also visited The Gap for goods cheaper. Britney actually did not always care about the shopping place. Wherever he is, he better enjoy the shopping process.

3. Victoria Beckham

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The wife of footballer David Beckham is spending approximately $ 150 thousand per year just to fill the contents of her wardrobe. Although he himself is a designer, but often he spends his pockets to buy the work of other designers. And surprisingly, Spice Girls are not only buying clothes, but also a lot of bags (including 30 Birkin bags),high heels, hats, and jewelry.

4. Paris Hilton

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This controversial celebrity said publicly several times that he never wore the same clothes for two times. So, just imagine how many clothes, shoes, and accessories that he had. Rumors are circulating, this Hilton hotel heiress spent about 25-30 hours a week to shop for clothes and accessories.

5. Cameron Diaz

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This beautiful actress buy something, go home, and not opened her shopping bag for weeks. Some of the clothes that she bought it have not even used at all. Cameron just love the buying process only. He argued that he needed to add new items to thecloset again and again.

6. Celine Dion

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Diva is always driving a Rolls-Royce when shopping because it has a roomy space for groceries. Goods that became his obsession isshoes. The collection now reaches 3000 pairs of the theory means that she can change shoes 8 times a day. WOW!

7. Lindsay Lohan

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This girl is not just a problem with drugs, alcohol, and driving. He also has trouble with shopping. She loves shopping more than anything in his life. Lindsay even had to spend $ 20 thousand in 2 minutes.

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