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10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

The highway is a location that is needed by man to go to other areas. Because of the shape of the earth that is not the same appearance, the roads around the world are also much different.

Country filled with mountains, certainly from one region to another will often cross the highway in the hills and mountains. So is the country covered by deserts and forests. But do you know that in this world there are highways creepy that could even be considered dangerous because it is in a terrible location. Although reluctant to go through, I can not help the residents were forced to cross the road to get to the destination. Hmm, what if you still dare to cross the street this terrible?

1. Death Road - Bolivia

Death Road - Bolivia

Located in the northern part of the Yungas region, this road is called the road of death. This area is 61-69 miles to the city of La Paz to Coroico (Bolivia's capital Amazon region). An estimated 200-300 people die each year on the streets so it's no wonder this is called the road of death. In 2006, was built across the street from La Paz to Coroico that make this area no longer solid. After all, would you like to slip into a car on a narrow road directly adjacent to the abyss?

2. Guoliang Cave Road - China

Guoliang Cave Road - China

The road is located in the Taihang mountains was built by local residents for five years. With shaped tunnel through the mountain caves along the 1.2 km, this road only has a width of 4 meters and a height of 5 meters. Want to try crossing? Try to go to Hunan province in China. Be careful!

3. Ruta 5: Arica to Iquique Road - Chile

Ruta 5: Arica to Iquique Road - Chile

What makes a road that connects Arica and Iquigue is dangerous? Wind speed. If you drove at high speed then you will feel the wind hit from the side very quickly and can result in car driven then plunged into a deep valley. Even the pace of other cars also cause it. Not only that, located in the desert make motorists often experience hallucinations. It's dangerous.

4. Siberian Road to Yakutsk - Russia

Siberian Road to Yakutsk - Russia

For those of you who can not stand the cold, do not try to cross the road is calling Moscow to Yakutsk this. For what? The road is the coldest place in the world (outside the continent of Antarctica) can not be paved because it was so cold. As a result, when the summer comes, the rain will cause the street was badly damaged. In addition to the muddy streets, lurking robbers also made it dangerous path.

5. Highway Sichuan Tibet - China

Highway Sichuan Tibet - China

In China, cases of deaths caused by car accidents has doubled in the last 10 years. Rose from 3.9% to 7.6% per 100 thousand population between 1985-2005. Highway located in Chengdu and Tibet is a highway with the highest slope point in China. With a length of 2412 km, the road crosses the 14 high mountains which average 4000-5000 meters tall. Besides this road also passed dozens of rivers and dangerous jungle. Dare to pass?

6. James Dalton Highway - Alaska

James Dalton Highway - Alaska

James Dalton highway has a length of 666 km and a unique stone gravel. That creepy streets with ice fields in the Arctic and to the location of the north in Alaska. The combination of the slippery gravel (because of ice and mud), cada, and dusty streets of this sound is made unfit for use. Traversing this region you must mempesiapkan many foods and extra fuel to survive.

7. Patiopoulo road to Perdikaki - Greece

Patiopoulo road to Perdikaki - Greece

This road is a road with a short track which is very busy. Located in this street Perdikakim Patiopoulo to climb a dangerous path because many parts are damaged and hills. As if still lacking, the lack of street lighting also makes it makes you scared. Due to lack of light at night, you will often not see the car from the opposite direction. CERAM once.

8. Trollstigen - Norway

Trollstigen - Norway

Meaning of the word troll in Greek mythology was a giant, and it seems like the streets are located in the mountains of Rauma, Norway was once the giant cross paths. Connecting the Andalsnes in Rauma and Valldal in Norddal, this area is often visited by tourists because of the short with sharp twists and turns. But after crossing this deadly path, you can enjoy the view of the waterfall is so beautiful Stigfossen as high as 320 meters. Fair fun.

9. A682 road - UK

A682 road - UK

A682 Route 13 located between the intersection of the M65 and Long preston, is regarded as the worst street in the UK. There have been more than 100 accidents during the last 10 years. Even the lines along the 22 miles to the north Yorkshire is already consuming 22 fatal accidents in the last 3 years. Still curious to try the cross?

10. Stelvio Pass Road Trollstigen - Italy

Stelvio Pass Road Trollstigen - Italy

This is the second highest paved road located in the Alps. Stelvio Pass Road connects the Valtellina with the upper Adige valley sdan Merano. Although it seemed safe enough with asphalt, but the sharp corners make this road as the title of the best and longest winding road. But still, pretty awful to traverse.

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