Saturday, August 22, 2015

NVIDIA is testing online game sharing for GeForce Experience

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You know that awesome PlayStation 4 feature that lets you digitally "pass" your controller to a friend over the internet? Soon you'll be able do that on a PC, too. The next big update to NVIDIA's GeForce Experience software includes something called GameStream Co-op -- a feature that pipes your games audio, video and controls to a friend over a low- latency stream. It's basically the same thing as PS4 SharePlay and it sounds just as spectacular.


Here's how it works: the next version of GeForce Experience's early-access beta will include a new in-game overlay interface that can be accessed without minimizing your PC game. Within this menu, there will be a new "share" option to invite your friends to watch you play your game live. When they do, the host will be able to give watchers control over the game remotely or add them as a second player to a local multiplayer experience. It sounds like a great way to play great couch games (like Duck Game or Towerfall) with your friends online.

You'll have to wait a little while before these features go mainstream, though: NVIDIA has only announced them for the next version of the GeForce Experience early access beta. That'll drop sometimes in September, and presumably the features will roll out to regular users after further testing.

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