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With the dawn of the digital age new opportunities have been coming out almost nonstop. Here are but a few of the great ways people have found ways to make serious dough in recent history.

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Do you have something to say to the world? An interpretation of political events perhaps, or the best styles coming out this fall season, or perhaps your opinion of a new video game? If you have a voice then perhaps blogging should be a career choice for you. From news to fashion to even gaming, people are being paid to spread their opinions. Fashion bloggers make their scratch by recommending clothes and accessories, for which they get a referral fee, as well as from website clicks. Plus there are niche blogs like Techcurch, Mashable, The Huffington post, whose value has skyrocketed from ad banners and ‘pay by clicks’ to literally millions.


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Once upon a time Youtube was just a place to upload and look at cool videos. Now it’s a whole new revenue stream for creative individuals. The more exposure they get, the more money they can earn. And that’s not all, if they are popular enough companies will want to sponsor them with money, gifts or even contracts to make them their spokesperson. From makeup tutorials to game commentary Youtube stars are racking millions from views, paid endorsements and sponsorships. Thank you, internet.


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Smartphones are an ever increasing important part of our lives. As such more and more applications, or apps, are being designed to suit our needs. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and such are always on the lookout for fresh new ideas to make our lives a little easier. And once you develop a good time-saving app you can put it on the market yourself or sell it after it’s become popular enough. These big companies buy apps from 10 million to even a 100 million in some cases.

Selling things online

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You may not be into developing apps, or putting up your opinions on the World Wide Web, but you can perhaps find your fortune using by buying and selling online. You can save loads of money by only renting a storage space and selling your goods online. You can even make a killing on homemade products like entrepreneur Alicia Shafer who sells her handmade crafts on Etsy to the tune of $ 80,000 a month.



If you have a great idea for a business but not the cash to start it, perhaps a startup is the way to go. All over the world startup capitals are popping up. Just a few are San Francisco, London, New York, Berlin, most of The Netherlands and so on. Venture capital investments for the last decade have toppled 48 billion in 2014 and it’s only going to get higher. Old money is looking with increased interest at fresh new ideas, and young adults are reaping the benefits.

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