Saturday, April 30, 2016

'Dark Souls' Online Multiplayer Still Not Working Properly, Bandai Namco Working On Fix For The Issue

"Dark Souls" has been experiencing issues with its online servers, but a fix is en route. Bandai Namco says it's aware of the problem affecting the "Prepare to Die" matchmaking service and it's working on patching things up. (Photo : Steam)

Dark Souls players recently saw the game's online servers shut down all of a sudden, and it seems the issue is not fixed just yet. - Students Debt Consolidation Loans -

Gamers started complaining about the problem online, taking to various community forums and popular online venues. FromSoftware acknowledged the issue and said it patched things up, but apparently that's not quite the case. - Consolidating Private Student Loans -

Despite the fact that the newest Dark Souls 3 has been available for a while now, many fans of the franchise continue to play the first installment. However, a growing Reddit thread shows that Dark Souls online issues continue to persist, with plenty of users still complaining that online servers are not properly functional. - free quote for car insurance -

One Reddit user reached out to Bandai Namco support via email, and posted the publisher's response online. Namco is apparently still looking into the matter, saying that it's aware of the issue currently affecting the Dark Souls: Prepare To Die matchmaking service. The publisher says it has escalated the issue to its teams for further investigation. - bad credit remortgages -

"At this time it does appear that the matchmaking service is not working properly, however, rest assured that we are currently looking into resolving this as soon as possible," reads the publisher's response, as posted on Reddit. - Free Forex Trading -

Bandai Namco further adds that it has yet to receive a specific timeframe for when a fix will become available, but its teams are working on resolving the issue. - Car Free Insurance Online Quote -

This means that Dark Souls online servers should start working properly again soon enough, but for now players may still struggle with servers that are not fully functional.

We'll keep an eye on things and keep you up to date as soon as more developments unfold, but for now it seems like a waiting game.

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