Monday, September 24, 2012

'Gangnam Style' Log Book World Record

Gangnam Style, Log Book World Record

Previously I had been posting an article with the title "Recent Dofollow Blog List Update September 2012", and on this occasion I will share a masterpiece of Korean musicians who have managed to infuse his name in the Guinness Book World Record. The talk in the world, funny video of rapper PSY 'Gangnam Style' now have a new record. Video clips world record. For what? 'Gangnam Style' video crowned the most favored YouTube history. Guinness World Records officially recorded it on 20 September.

'Gangnam Style' was remarkable. Since then uploaded July 15, 2012, the video was favored by more than 2.5 million YouTube users. "A few years ago had never imagined that anything could watch hundreds of millions of times, and now the 'Gangnam Style' won 2 times that amount in less than 3 months on YouTube," said Community Manager of Guinness World Records.

Unfortunately, now the video did not appear in the YouTube charts in all categories. Not only in the category of 'Most Liked', 'Gangnam Style' also disappeared from all the YouTube charts. That 'Most Viewed' and 'Most Discussed'.

You can watch this video below:

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