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This Way to Increase Fertility Sport and Diet

This Way to Increase Fertility Sport and Diet

Maintain healthy eating and regular exercise is not only beneficial for the appearance and health. Two things that can affect fertility. Based on the records of The Sun, about one in six couples in the UK have fertility problems. The problem is generally caused by lack of exercise and poor diet.

Two well-known sports nutrition expert from the UK, Nicki Waterman and Amanda Ursell gives tips for couples who want to improve their fertility. Here are tips from both:

1. Never Too Overrated Sports

"Too much or lack of exercise can affect the body's natural fertility," said Nicki, author of 'The Sugar Addicts Diet'.
According to him, if you see the benefits, exercise can help you lose weight and maintain body weight remained stable and reduce stress. But judging from the negative side, excessive exercise can cause infertility in women.

Women who exercise excessively are at risk of losing a lot of body fat, which should help to produce estrogen. As a result when body fat is reduced, the time of ovulation women become irregular. Women also be able to stop menstruating if they lose too much weight.

What about the men? Is exercise can make men more fertile? "Too much exercise can cause the internal body temperature of men increased. Guy excessive exercise and weight below normal, decreased sperm motility and sperm morphology is not good," said a woman who also wrote the book 'Fight Fatigue; Energy Makeover' it.

2. To be fertile, Reduce Stress with Sports

When the couple is trying to have children and then fail, they could be pressured. Couples can be prone to depression and stress that will affect their relationship.

When someone feels bad mood, it can also make them easily tired and no energy should be required to have sex regularly. "Stress can also interfere with ovulation and menstruation as well as health and sperm motility," Nicki said.

According to Nicki, where the game needed to balance hormones and fertility. When exercising, the body secretes the hormone endorphin that helps a person cope with pain and stress and improve mood. People who exercise regularly can also get a better quality sleep.

Any exercise can help reduce stress and improve fertility? The recommendations pilates, yoga, swimming, walking and cycling.

3. Healthy Diet 3 Months

"It is important to note that it took at least three months for the eggs in the ovaries become mature enough to be released during ovulation," said Amanda Ursell, a nutritionist. "Sperm cells also need at least three months to develop," he added.

Hence, Amanda suggest you start keeping your diet at least three months before you start trying to have a baby. To maintain this diet began to eat three nutritious meals a day and snacking healthy snacks, five times a day between meals. For example, breakfast porridge with fruit and eating a bowl of edamame or banana as a snack in between breakfast and lunch. Then for lunch, eating a bowl of vegetables, fish or meat and brown rice. And for a snack in the afternoon, you could eat an apple. While in the evening, re-select and combine brown rice with vegetables and side dishes such as grilled fish or chicken.

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