Saturday, December 8, 2012

Six Habits Of Men Who Make Women Hated

Six Habits Of Men Who Make Women Hated

Many of the factors that make a woman fall in love with their partner. Starting from a clean appearance, neat, fragrant to captivate posture. But there are also some men who do not habit preferred women.

Habits are sometimes made her upset and even angry. The behavior below was finally able to damage the relationship, as quoted Yourtango :

- Spontaneous Itineraries

Women do like surprises, but not all love it. In Yourtango site, the survey showed that 60 percent of women hate surprises, especially matters related to holiday travel. Unplanned holiday trip rated women as load weight. This is because they do not have enough time to prepare for the needs of his journey.

- Sleep After Sex

Many facts states that men often fall asleep after sex. One is the condition of the body is tired. While this is often an unconscious man, apparently this incident angered women. But according to a psychologist from the University of Michigan, to minimize resentment woman, cuddling into action to make women more comfortable.

- I Want to Hear

In a survey, a third of women say this is the worst habit that is often done mate. Men do not listen does not mean he does not care. In a survey, men and women have a different focus.

- Feeling shy to friend

The majority of men tend to be more concerned with his friends than anything else. Men also have inhibitions against his friends. This is what makes a woman upset with her partner. This is because women tend to worry about their partner.

- Style fashion

As many as 60 percent of single women believe that clothes be the main thing in appearance. Not a determinant of brand or price, but clean clothes plus a neat hairstyle will affect the appearance of a man, in the eyes of women. In addition, the choice of clothing color also transmit a positive influence for women. A survey proved that 17 percent of women reject dating after seeing the appearance of hair and about 28 women say no to a date because of the style of dress.

- Use the phone when dating

Women do not like when a spouse is always holding the phone during a date. It is rated negatively by women. Not only men, women also want to get a little attention when you're dating.

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