Monday, January 28, 2013

PayPal collapse, Hacker Young is imprisoned 18 Months

PayPal collapse, Hacker Young is imprisoned 18 Months

A hacker managed to break into the PayPal site has now been dealt with by law. The 22-year-old hacker must be willing to crouch 18 months behind bars. The teenager named Christopher Weatherhead. He was also known to members of the Anonymous group of hackers who are in the UK.

Weatherhead action begins movement conducted Operation Payback Anonymous group a few months ago. This operation is targeting some big sites payment service providers. Such as PayPal, Master Card, Visa, Amazon, and several other major sites. Weatherhead colleagues, Ashley Rhodes, proved to have attacked the websites with techniques Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). He also managed to paralyze PayPal and other sites with losses reached $ 5.5 million.

As quoted from the BBC, Friday (01/25/2013), after going through some legal process Weatherhead eventually sentenced to 18 months in prison. While his partner, Rhodes, lighter sentenced to 7 months in prison. This is not the first time Weatherhead ins with the law due to act naughty in cyberspace. Previously, this teen was arrested in September 2011 for assaulting police site. Shortly after he was arrested, 3 GB of data Texas police officers were widespread on the internet.

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