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Mandatory Know! 10 Rules Eating in Various Countries

Mandatory Know, 10 Rules Eating in Various Countries
A state or local regulations may be different, including the rules of eating. You can just see cynical if one hand while eating. Here are 10 rules to eat in the world that you must know before traveling there.

The use of right and left hand, Placement chopsticks and eating rules may appear strange and funny to you. However, when traveling to a country, you are inevitably required to comply with these rules, and this is 10 ethical eating around the world:

1. Do not eat bread as an appetizer while in France

While on holiday to France and eat at local restaurants, do not ever eat bread served before the meal. If you want to eat, you can eat bread with the main menu or with cheese for dessert. If you do not want to eat it, so you can put it on the table.

2. When eating in China, do not flip the fish

Usually, after spending the meat at the top, you will flip the fish to spend the other part. But do not do it when you're eating in China and Hong Kong. Why? Since flipping the fish is the same as "yue dao" which means bad luck. In fact, when turning the fish, the same as you flip the boat the fishermen who caught the fish. You can throw all the thorns and eat meat behind after removing the thorns.

3. Do not ask for parmesan cheese while eating in Italy

If not given parmesan cheese, do not ask for parmesan cheese. Because according to the Italians, put parmesan on top of the pizza just like screw. So when there is no parmesan cheese on your table, meaning that the food was not served with parmesan deliberately.

4. Avoid eating with hands as in Chile

Chile has a fairly formal dining etiquette than some other countries. When traveling here, make sure you always eat by using tools such as forks and knives. No food should not be touched directly by hand, even though it was the fries even hotcakes!.

5. Respect your parents while in Korea

When parents serving drink to you, accept it with both hands. After receiving with both hands, you are obliged to nod his head slightly and sip drinks as a sign of respect. When eating together at the table, do not start eating before parents start. Likewise, when finished, do not leave the table before the parents moved from the table.


6. Do not use a fork in Thailand

The fork is used only as a regulator of food while at the plate, not more. If in the western states, so fork cutlery major, not as well as in Thailand. So avoid using a fork while in Thailand. In lieu of a fork, you can use chopsticks.

7. Abstinence stick chopsticks in the rice bowl while in Japan

You usually do not really care where to put the chopsticks when eating. Unlike during eating in Japan. Is taboo stick chopsticks in the rice bowl while eating. The problem is that plug chopsticks in a bowl with rice usually contains at funerals. You certainly do not want the funeral to bring air while feeding? Place the chopsticks on the edge of a bowl or plate. After all, there are usually braces chopsticks on each table.

8. Eating the right hand in the Middle East, India and some countries in Africa

In South India, you simply can not touch food with the left hand. Even you can not touch the plate that contains food with your left hand. That rule also applies in some countries in the Middle East and Africa. This is because the left hand is identical with dirty hands.

9. Forbidden to eat tacos with a fork and knife in Mexico

Choosing to cut up a taco that does not fall apart when you eat it could be an idea that you think is brilliant. But not the case with the Mexicans. According to them, only a decent taco eaten by hand. They will think you're weird when eating a taco with a walker. To look like a local, eat a taco with his hand when holidays in Mexico.

10. Just before noon drinking cappuccino in Italy

Italians only drink cappuccino before noon. When the morning until before lunch. Often, they only drank at breakfast, accompanied with bread croissant. You will look stupid when ordering a cappuccino or lunch time while at the cafe in the afternoon. If forced to drink coffee, you can order espresso.

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