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Here's 12 Most Bizarre Deaths in the World

Here's 12 Most Bizarre Deaths in the World
Death is indeed the most scary thing, but it can not be avoided, because death is already written in the destiny of every human being. Well, here are 12 Most Bizarre Deaths in the World :

1. Died beard

Died beard, Austrian, Hans Steininger

Austrian Hans Steininger was famous for the world's longest beard. Length is about 140 cm. One day in the year 1567, a fire that requires everyone to run. He forgot to tie his beard long. In her haste, she stepped on his beard himself and fell. Her neck was broken and he was killed instantly.

2. Died of urinary incontinence

Died of urinary incontinence, Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) was an astronomer. In 1601, he was attending the banquet were very long, Prague (now Czech). Customary in those days believed that fled in the middle of a meal, including for waste water, is very disrespectful. As a result he was forced to hold pee for dinner. Bladder extends to the threshold, and there was infection (cystitis) were fatal. He died 11 days later.

3. Died conductor baton

Died conductor baton, Jean Baptiste Lully

Jean Baptiste Lully was a conductor who led the orchestra in celebration of Louis XIV's recovery from illness in 1687. Being too excited, she dropped the baton conductor right on her toes. There abscess (infection with pus) and followed by gangrene (decay). Lully refused amputation, and he finally died of an infection that spreads throughout the body.

4. Died of tongue biting

Died of tongue biting, Allan Pinkerton

Allan Pinkerton (1819-1884) was a famous detective agency Pinkerton detective agency with her. One day he was walking on the sidewalk. He slipped. Not accidentally bitten his tongue, and there was an infection which later killed him.

5. Died of orange peel

Died of orange peel, Bobby Leach

Bobby Leach (1858-1926) was a stunter. He is also second in the world to successfully conquer Niagara Falls with his barrels. He died in 1926, two months after her leg was amputated. Why? Apparently he slipped on an orange peel effect stepping on the streets, in New Zealand. Broken legs and severe infection. Time there were no antibiotics.

6. Died after being poisoned, shot four times, beaten and eventually drowned

Died after being poisoned, shot four times, beaten and eventually drowned, Grigori Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin (1869-1916) initially poisoned with cyanide. The dose equivalent to killing 10 people. But because it was realized that cyanide has been damaged by the heating of food, he did not die. Then he was shot from behind by Felix Yusupov and his friends. He did not die as well. He was shot again three times, but did not die as well. Finally Rasputih beaten with sticks and finally thrown into the icy Neva River. From the results of the autopsy, the actual cause of death is drowning.

7. Died of baseball

Died of baseball, Ray Chapman

Ray Chapman (1891-1920) is known as the only player who was killed in a baseball game. He died from head hit the pitch from Carl Mays. At that time, baseball has always covered the ground before the ball thrown by the pitcher, to complicate opponents see the ball.

8. Died shawl

Died shawl, Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) is known as modern dance figures. He likes to wear a scarf on the go. In September 1927, he was in a car, with the windows open (!) And the car is moving at high speed. At that time he was wearing a large shawl. Because shawl "fly" to the tires, he suffocated immediately from the car window.

9. Died when broadcast TV

Died when broadcast TV, Christine Chubbuck

Christine Chubbuck (1944-1974) is the only television reporter who died in the middle of live television. He shot himself in the head on live Suncoast Digest (WXLT-TV) on July 15, 1974 with a 38 mm revolver. Chubbuck was already in trouble with the protracted depression.

10. Died severed helicopter

Died severed helicopter, Victor Morrow

Victor Morrow (1929-1982) and 2 child actors who died with her severed helicopter blades while filming for the movie Twilight Zone, in 1982. The case has led the U.S. government to revise laws and child labor protection and safety rules guarantee safety on the set.

11. Died of bottle caps

Died of bottle caps, Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams (1911-1983), U.S. playwright, died from strangulation swallowed a bottle cap when he was drunk at a hotel in New York. This is presumably related to the habit of putting caps on both the eyes and mouth while drinking.

12. Died when droll

Died when droll, Dick Shawn

Dick Shawn (1924-1987) was droll about political campaigns in the United States. After saying "I will not lay down on the job!" (I will not resign!) He immediately lay on the floor. The audience thought it was part of the joke. But because he did not wake up again, a few stagehands were examined and did emergency breathing assistance. Not long before he died.

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