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Five Most Bizarre and Unique Lakes in the World

Five Most Bizarre and Unique Lakes in the World
Clear water might have become a regular panorama. But, five lakes in various parts of the world, managed to hypnotize travelers with its strange panorama. Starting from that can change color, has a polka- dot pattern, to have islands that can move itself.

1. Twin Lakes 16 in Croatia

Twin Lakes 16 in Croatia

Maybe you've never heard of triplets lake in Indonesia. Apparently there are 16 twin lakes known as the Plitvice Lakes. The lake is located in the Plitvice Lakes National Park is also seen strange shapes intertwined with each other.

As reported by the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, at this location there are 16 interlinked lakes between Mala Kapela Mountain and Mount Pljesevica. The lake is also divided into two groups: the upper and lower lakes. His position was sequentially starting from a height of 636 m to 502 m.

Interestingly, Plitvice Lakes are also decorated with dozens of waterfalls and rock cliffs around him became separators reinforce its beauty. Besides panorama on the lake is getting weird with lake water discoloration. The water in the lake are included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, have a distinctive color, ranging from blue-green to blue.

In these destinations, travelers can see the beautiful lake with a unique panoramic view combined with waterfalls and forests. Travelers can enjoy the whole weirdness of the lake is close to passing a wooden bridge in the area of Plitvice Lakes.

2. Linow Lake, a lake that can change color in North Sulawesi

Linow Lake, a lake that can change color in North Sulawesi

Tomohon regency, North Sulawesi has a lake with stunning natural beauty. One that makes this lake looks weird is when the water can change color. Linow Lake water color can be changed accordingly. This is because the lake contains a very high sulfur content. Not only that, the color change is also due to the level of sunlight on the surface of the lake.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this lake could attract tourists. They were curious to see first hand the color changes on the lake Linow. As far as the eye could see, this lake can look blue then changed to green, or shades pose a very pretty. To get into the lake Linow, traveler must pay a ticket for $25. When you have entered the lake, be careful with the hot mud at the edge of the lake.

3. Strawberry Milkshake Lake in Senegal

Strawberry Milkshake Lake in Senegal

If the water is generally clear blue lakes, unlike Lake Lac Rose Retba. The lake is located in the north of Cap Vert peninsula, the City of Dakar, Senegal, has a pink water like a strawberry milkshake. Surprisingly, not only pink, sometimes purple lake, then a light purple to pink. As written Amusing Planet site, many tourists are curious about the lake area of 3 square km.

Apparently, the color of the lake Lac Rose Retba derived from microorganisms contained in it. Lake Lac Rose Retba produce the most gorgeous color pink during the dry season. At that time, the microorganisms in the lake to absorb, and use sunlight to produce red pigment. That's when Lake Lac Rose Retba changes like a giant strawberry milkshake pool. This lake weirdness does not stop there. The lake is apparently similar to the Dead Sea in Jordan. Tourists who come to swim without the hassle of pedaling legs and hands, because you can simply float on the surface.

It is true, of Lake Lac Rose Retba contains about 40% salt. The content of this one and a half times higher than the existing salt in the Dead Sea.

4. Polka lake in Canada

Polka lake in Canada

Located in Osoyoos, Canada, polka lake is also named Kliluk seized the attention of tourists. How not, the surface of this lake has an unusual style, which is like a polka-dot circles. The circles formed by the salt that floats on the surface. These salts accumulate and form a circle, with the lake water is visible in the middle. Not just one, a circle of salt is also almost fills the entire surface of the lake.

Seeing oddities Kliluk lake, this area began to plateau curious traveler. In addition, a traveler came to the lake also has a goal to take the lake for the treatment of skin. That said, the minerals in the lake Kliluk could cure various diseases.

5. Lake with islands that move on their own in India

Lake with islands that move on their own in India

When Lake Toba in North Sumatra Samosir Island in the middle has, Province of Manipur, India also has Loktak lake with a small island chain ring. Surprisingly, these islands change shape according to the season and move in different directions depending on the wind. Cluster of tiny islands that meet two-thirds of the lake is called Phumdi by the people of India. Launch site CN Traveler, Phumdi Loktak Lake is the only floating national park in the world. The presence Phumdi also beneficial for the conservation of rare species of deer, Sangai locals call it, which only live around the lake. Although the nomadic nature and can move itself, does not mean Phumdi no human habitation. Phumdi biggest named Khangpoks, home to about 4,000 people. There are lodges that make it similar to a tiny settlement on Lake Titicaca, Peru.

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