Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Movement 4 Exercises to Prevent Sagging Breasts

Movement 4 Exercises to Prevent Sagging Breasts
Has beautiful breasts and looks 'full' is the desire of every woman. Many women breast beautifying surgery, but several other women doing the natural way to get the size that suits her body shape.

When a young age, breasts may be elevated and have a beautiful shape, but when entering old age, the breasts will sag and no longer look pretty. There are several exercises that can be done to make the breasts look beautiful naturally, as quoted Boldsky following.

1. Exercise Loop Band

This is one of the preferred ways to tighten the breast. Standing tall with loop band (a type elastic cords) under your left leg. Place your left foot slightly back and then bend your right knee slightly forward. Hold the loop in each hand and then straighten your arms to shoulder. Bring your arms back and back to front. You will feel the stretch in your chest. Perform turns on his other arm. Increase the duration and repeat gradually to avoid pain in the body.

2. Dumbbell Lifting Movement

Basic movement is working the chest muscles, arms, and shoulders. Lie down on a table or an exercise ball. Hold a dumbbell with both hands positions are rather far apart. Lift the dumbbell with both hands, and then lower. Do it up 10 times. This movement will make the breasts become firmer.

3. Circular Push Up

Lie down and lift your upper body. Set widened hands and upper body resistance. Slide your body with the right hand and bent down near the floor. Do the same thing for the other positions. Do this 10-15 times.

4. Loop Hand

In this exercise, place one end of the loop at the bottom of the left leg and the other on the right side. Bend your left knee slightly forward position and widen your little hands. Hold the loop with your right hand and then leaned forward. Repeat this alternately for 10 times. This exercise is useful to lift sagging breasts. In addition to earlier movements, to form the breasts to look natural, use a bra that fits. Loose bra can distort the shape of the chest. You can even wear underwire bras for a breast lift are slightly down.