Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Six Animals It Ever Appears in Aircraft

Six Animals It Ever Appears in Aircraft
Not always traveling by plane promises comfort for passengers. Sometimes, an unpleasant thing appeared behind the comfort of the aircraft facilities, such as the presence of six animals following terrible.

Here are 6 animal terrible subject may appear in the plane when you:

1. Bed Bug

bed bug
The presence of bed bugs you encounter may have been rare, mischievous insects has rarely appeared on the futon bed. But it turns out he migrated to the couch, or even a bench plane.

In February 2011, the airline British Airways reported one of his passengers because they are incompetent to clean the cabin. This passenger claimed to have bitten by fleas that hide behind the comfort of an airplane seat, even irritating.

Worse yet, it turns out this is not the first incident experienced by the passengers. He had experienced the same event twice while riding Bristish Airways.

2. Bat

In addition to ticks, there was still another terrible beast that ever appeared in the plane, the bat. This incident experienced airline Delta in 2011. At that Delta will hold a flight from Wisconsin into Delaware in the U.S.. Suddenly, a bat flew repeatedly in the cabin.

This incident is very disturbing especially airline passengers who were on board. Finally passenger plane caught bat and locked in the bathroom.

3. Bee

An endless stream of wanted to surprise passengers, airlines Delta Airlines was also once a haven of animals other than bats. August 2012 yesterday, winged insects have just raided a Delta Airlines plane wing.

Airlines Delta Airlines is actually going to take off, but suddenly thousands of bees came and gathered in the wings. No doubt, the aircraft will initially fly from Pittsburgh International Airport into New York John F Kennedy was also delaying the flight until 20 minutes.

While waiting for the handler bees came, the passengers on the plane that was taking a rare occurrence. Then, after the bees were repulsed, the flight continued.

4. Snake

Probably never imagined in your mind can be in a plane with snakes. But it was ever experienced by one of the pioneer fighter pilot in August 2012 Australia yesterday.

When about to perform solo flight, a snake suddenly appeared from behind the dashboard plane. Reptile slithering reptile was immediately at the foot of the pilot. Suddenly he soon landed back to the airport, and the officer immediately catch the snake.

5. Cockroaches

Cockroaches, insects is usually ludicrous you encounter in the bathroom, but what if the black man suddenly emerged from the cabin of the aircraft.

This incident ever experienced airline AirTan purpose Charlotte- Houston, USA in November 2011. At that time, the couple was riding AirTan report to the officer, and said a cockroach crawled out of the cabin deviation goods.

6. Maggot

Who is not amused with maggots? Larva turns disgusting food ever appeared in the airline Qantas. This incident experienced by one of the women who boarded the Qantas aircraft in March 2012 ago.

At that time she will enjoy the flight attendant served food. But it's not delicious food they get, but the food that has been inhabited by maggots. Seeing this, the woman immediately reported the incident to the officer's uncomfortable plane. Qantas immediately apologized and offered compensation to refund half the cost of a plane ticket.

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