Thursday, October 18, 2012

This Is 5 Modification iPad Most Unique In The World

This 5 modification iPad Most Unique In The World
Never try to modify your iPad into a variety of appearance and function of a unique and interesting? If you do not have an idea, you might be able to take a reference from the 5 following modifications:

1. Typewriter iPad

Typewriter iPad

USB Typewriter named Typerwriter can be connected to the iPad, and serves as a keyboard. Once connected to the iPad, you can type as usual like using a typewriter. During typing, the iPad will move from right to left, the same as happens when typing with a typewriter real.

2. iPad Arcade

iPad Arcade

You lovers of arcade games? Products named iCADE may serve as a cabinet to make your iPad shaped like a video game arcade. Featured retro and sophisticated touch screen of the iPad is the perfect combination of these two devices.

3. iPad iBook

iPad iBook

This time someone combines iPad with iBook, Apple laptop that was first released in 1999. This modification will cure longing for iBook but still rely on high performance of the iPad. iBook itself has now been replaced by the MacBook.

4. iPad Guitar Effect

iPad Guitar Effect

It is not clear what that means, someone is trying to make the iPad as one effect pedal for guitar.

5. iPad Skateboard

iPad Skateboard

This is the most bizarre. Two geeks skaterboard making the iPad as a replacement for 'sled' is. Obviously, only the disposable instantly broke the screen on the iPad.

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