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Most Famous Mysterious Curse In The World

Most Famous Mysterious Curse In The World
The history of our world is full of mysterious things that may not be accepted by reason and common sense, but that's what happened, as this mysterious thing called a curse, since ancient times until our time, many of these curses are very unreasonable , but it does happen, you might be surprised after reading this strange curse curse, among the following list is the bane superman. let's move on to the Most Famous Mysterious Curse.

¤¤ The Curse of Superman

The Curse of Superman

Superman Curse refers to the misfortune and bad luck to those who are involved with the Superman story in years. perhaps the most famous is the bane of George Reeves, who was earlier cast in the television series Superman and Christopher Reeve who played Superman character in the first film, George Reeves committed suicide, and Christopher Reeve became paralyzed after falling from a horse. Another victim of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster creators of Superman character that is but they just got a little money, because the company is a DC Comic that their employees hold the entire Superman copyright in the work, some people have said that Jerry and Joe put a curse to the character of Superman because they feel the results of their efforts are not appreciated. there is a speculation that John F Kennedy was also a victim of this curse, before his death, a staff of JFK approved the scenario where the hero superman story praising the president's physical health, this scenario is scheduled to release in april 1964.

Therefore the curse is such a lot of actors who refused to portray Superman, Superman Starring example is named Paul Walker, he was selected as one of the 10 worst actor.

¤¤ Curse of James Dean's Porsche

Curse of James Dean's Porsche

On 30 September 1955, at precisely 5:45 a named film icon James Dean died from a car accident when Porsche Spyder (Nicknamenya "Little Bastard" who just bought a car crashed into another, at the time of the James Dean was with Rolf Wutherich which is his best friend and also a mechanic, when Rolf was thrown from the crash and the car survived the deadly accident, but Dean is locked in the car, her neck broken. Turnupseed Donald, the driver of the car that was hit by dean minor injuries, after the tragedy, a modifier named George Barris bought the car wreck that car for $ 2,500. When the car arrived at the garage Barris, Porsche slipped and fell on one of the mechanics who are issuing this car, the accident resulted in a broken mechanical legs.

Barris had a bad feeling since I first saw this car, and was proven when suspicions Pornona race at Fair Grounds on 24 October 1956, two doctors named Troy McHenry and William Eschrid which they have car parts taken from "Little Bastard" , McHenry died when his car using Porsche machine lost control and hit a tree, while the car was upside down but Eschrid Eschrid survived though badly wounded, then he said that he used the car suddenly locked up when he was cornering, Accidents related to this car continued until 1960.

¤¤ Kennedy Curse

Kennedy Curse

Kennedy Curse refers to a series of unfortunate events experienced by the Kennedy family, some parties consider that bad luck streak that happened to the family of Kennedy as a curse, some die young from the Kennedy family, as brother of John F Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated in when he was in office then there is John F Kennedy Jr. who died in a plane crash in 1999, several other family members regard this as evidence of the curse, then there is also Joseph Kennedy who was killed during World War II, and Edward Kennedy Jr., whose legs were amputated at the age of 12 years and a lastly there is also Michael Kennedy, who died in a skiing accident.

¤¤ The Curse of 27

The Curse of 27

Club 27 is also known as Club 27 timeless, this is a pop culture name to a set of rock and blues musicians who all died at the age of 27 years, sometimes due to the mysterious case, there is some debate as to the criteria used to put people to klib this, driving force behind the formation of this group is the death of some of these musicians who happened to be at age 27. Included in this group are Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, Brian Jones was also included, then Kurt Cobain also now often considered worthy of admission into the group because impactnya in music in recent years.

¤¤ The Curse of Tutankhamen

The Curse of Tutankhamen

Perhaps this is the curse of the most phenomenal and mysterious in the world, the story a few months after the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen's tragedies befall Lord Carnarvon -57 years- (contributor of funds to search the tomb of Tutankhamen), he suffered a mysterious illness and was rushed to cairo, and died a few days later, the exact cause of death is unknown, but it seems to cause an infection caused by the bite srangga, Legend has it that when he died there were many events that are not acceptable to common sense. across cairo became dark and no light, His son reported that his dog barking and a direct die suddenly. even stranger, when the mummy of Tutankhamen was opened in 1925, found a wound on the left cheek just like the exact same position on Carnavaron insect bites.

In the year 1929 eleven people connected with the search of the burial died suddenly and in a way that is not fair. It also included two relatives of Carnavaron. Personal Secretary Carter, Richard Bethell, and his father, Lord Westburry, Westburry betray his own life by jumping from the top of the building, and he left a message that said "I really can not stand anymore of the horror, and do not know what else to do, so I'm looking for way out ".

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